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                              Brand History(The brand culture )

    There is a man in Clodius, Whose name is Job .He is honest ,fear of God ,far away from evil .He has seven sons , three daughters .His treasure are five thousand of sheeps , three thousand of camals , five handread pairs of cows , five handread pairs of females donkeys  and lots of salves . He is the greatest in the oriental human being . His son host dinner at their own home in accordence with the dates and ask his salves to invite their sisters to take part in with them together . The feast day pased , Job ask salves to let them to be self-cheaning . He get up in the morning and burnt offering according to the quantity of the around . He said : “ I am afraid of my sons be guilty of the crime , be lost from the God ” always be think of that .
    One day , God’s sons comming to stand around Yahweh ,Satan is one of them . Yahweh asked Satan : “Whrere are you come from ?” Satan replied: “I come from walking up and down .” Yahweh asked Satan :“Have you watched up my salve Job with carefull ?  No one more honest ,fear of God ,far away from evil than him . ” Satan replied: “Fear of God , Does the God invincible ?  Does you safeguard him and his family and all of his with ring fence , does’nt it ?  All his done be with your bless.His treasure would be grown on land.  You would be lost from him if you destroy all of his own .” Yahweh told Satan :“All of his own belongs to you ,but you should not be against him .” The Satan dismised from the view of Yahweh .
    乌斯地有一个人,名叫约伯;那人完全正直,敬畏神,远离恶事。他生了7个儿子,三个女儿,他的  家产有七千羊,三千骆驼,五百对牛,五百母驴,并有许多仆婢。这人在东方人中就为至大。他的儿子按着日子,各在自己家里设摆筵席,就打发人去请了他们的三个姐妹来,与他们一同吃喝。筵席的日子过了,约伯打发人去叫他们自洁。他清早起来,按着他们众人的数目燔祭,因为他说,:“恐怕我儿子犯了罪,心中弃掉神。”心中常常这样行。
      有一天,神的众子来侍立在耶和华面前,撒但也来在其中。耶和华问撒但说:“你们从哪里来?”撒但回答说:“我从地上走来走去,往返而来。”耶和华问撒但说:“你曾用心查看我的仆人约伯没有?地上在没有人像他完全正直,敬畏神,远离恶事。”撒但回答耶和华说:“约伯敬畏 神岂是无敌呢?你岂不是四面围上篱笆维护他和他的家,并他一切所有的么?他手所做的都蒙你赐福;他的家产也在地上增多。你且伸手毁他一切所有的;他必当面弃掉你。”耶和华对撒但说:“凡他所有的都在你手中,只是不可伸手加害与他”.于是撒但从耶和华面前退去。”
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